MCN Fleet: Touring is miles more fun on the F800GS

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As I near the 10,000-mile mark I’ve started to reflect on my time with the GS so far. I’m finding it a great machine to live with and for the most part I’m really happy with it. Sure there are a couple of quirks, but I’ve yet to come across an absolutely prefect motorcycle.

One of my biggest issues has been with the Continental TKC70 tyres, which I find unstable at speed. It’s not a huge issue, and you do have to bear in mind that they are designed to work both on road and in the dirt – so they’re always going to be a bit of a compromise.

The problem is more to do with the riding I’m doing – long slogs on the motorway commuting back to Devon most weekends definitely aren’t what the TKCs are best at. On the upside though, the tyres have done 7000 miles and the rear has only recently started squaring-off, but it is nearing the legal limit now. I think a change is in order and I’m looking at fitting a more road-oriented tyre again for a little while now.


Overall though, I’ve been extremely satisfied with the GS so far. It’s done everything I’ve needed and then some. I’ve toured on it, taken it off-road and ridden it in a lot of the, err, best of the British rain and even ridden it to Scotland in near sub-zero temperatures and it’s been brilliant. It’s just as happy carving its way through a mountain pass as it is slogging it out on a motorway (with the right rubber).

I’ve really enjoyed taking the bike away and it’s something I want to continue to do while summer is still here. Camping in the Welsh mountains was a spectacular experience. Who knows where I might go next? Maybe it’s time for another trip to Scotland now the temperature has strayed away from single figures, or maybe it’s time for a trip to the continental mainland, or maybe a once in a lifetime trip around the globe… All I know for certain is that with the F800GS, I can go anywhere.

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James Archibald

By James Archibald

Former MCN Junior Web Producer