MCN Fleet: Street 750 helps turn the M25 red!

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I’m just home and having a cuppa after a great day of riding. It’s not the most ideal biking weather and with no weather protection on the Harley-Davidson Street 750, it’s not the best bike for winter riding. That said, kitted out with five or six layers meant I resembled a Michelin man but to be honest, kept relatively warm.

I’ve spent the day taking part in one of the the Ride of Respect events, I’d joined forces with a few thousand other riders to mark Remembrance Sunday and show support to serving and ex-servicemen. It was quite a sight, with hundreds of bikes at the South Mimms Services, the meeting point I’d chosen, forming up and heading out on the M25. Riders and pillions were encouraged to wear red and with bikes joining at various junctions, the plan was to make a massive mobile poppy. From what I could see, with bikes streaming ahead and in a massive procession in my mirrors it was definitely a spectacle.

The plan was for participants to ride for a few junctions and then depart, I rode for about twenty miles before striking north and heading home. It was my first chance to give the newly fitted Ikon 7610 shocks a proper test. They are definitely an improvement on the standard shocks and offer a much softer ride, smoothing out some of the bumps. I still need more time in the saddle to be sure they are worth the £335 investment but so far so good.