Long term update: New rearsets on the ZX-10R are the bee's knees

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After riding into the side of a VW Polo in 1994, my knees aren’t what they should be. The pegs on my Kawasaki are the highest of all the 1000s, which can be uncomfortable.

I’ve been to Reactive Parts to have a set of machined ali LighTech rearsets fitted (£370). On their low setting they’re 4mm lower and 2mm further back, which will give me more legroom. They’re also grippier and less bendy than the standard pegs, so promise to give more feel, especially for trackdays.

An unexpected advantage of quality rearsets is a much smoother gearchange. The standard quickshifter works so slickly now it’s a pleasure to slice through the cogs.

Full update coming soon in MCN, including more about how the new Akrapovic system and Rapid Bike self-learning fuel control unit is performing.