MCN Fleet: KTM Super Duke GT brakes for itself

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This is definitely one for the list of ‘things I never knew I needed’: Hill Hold Control. I’ve always taken great pleasure in trying to learn how to do things for myself, and will be forever grateful that I grew up in a time when traction control, ABS, anti-wheelie and myriad other helpful systems just didn’t exist, and now my KTM Super Duke GT has HHC (£147.52), which automatically detects when you’ve come to a halt on an incline, and will hold the brakes on for you for the few seconds before you pull away.

So, pull up to a hilly junction, squeeze the lever, and a little light illuminates on the dash, release the brake lever when you see your gap in the traffic, and the bike will hold itself on the brakes for a few seconds, releasing the retardation as it senses the clutch engaging drive to the back wheel. No, you don’t need it. But once you’ve got it, you do find yourself appreciating that it’s there surprisingly often (unless you live in Holland). It takes just minutes to enable at your dealer, and no-one even has to get a spanner out – it’s all about laptops and dongles these days.

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