MCN Fleet: KTM Super Duke GT has a reflective moment

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Somewhere between Heathrow and Stamford there’s a highly reflective rectangle of KTM littering the roadside, jettisoned while using the GT as my airport taxi, and making the Super Duke GT just a little bit less Euro4 compliant. And somewhere in Austria, Germany, Belgium or France is yet another one, glinting back at headlamps in the darkness.

The reason for these jettisoned parts – the long rectangular reflectors mounted onto each side of the GT’s front mudguard – is simple; the sticky pads KTM have used to fix them in place just aren’t up to the job. While such an oversight might usually be a justified cause for criticism, I have to confess that I’m quite pleased. They looked like what they were – ugly afterthoughts to conform to some pointless bit of bureaucracy.

Having now exited stage right and stage left, the mudguard is just as KTM intended it again.

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