MCN Fleet: KTM Super Duke GT – stand and deliver

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There are always a few little niggles with new bikes, it’s the nature of the game – but sometimes you really do have to wonder how the test riders didn’t identify a problem before it became the consumer’s problem.

You may recall in my first update that I reported the loss of the little arm that sticks out from the side-stand to facilitate you flicking it up and down, just days after taking delivery. One minute it was there (as I flicked it up), seventeen minutes/miles later, it wasn’t (as my foot floundered and failed to find it on arrival at my destination).

And it’s not just me who has suffered the mystery ejection of the little metal spike. Every owner I’ve spoken to has reported that theirs also made the same bid for freedom in the first week of ownership.


It may only have been small, but I missed it. However, I’m happy to report that KTM have replaced the little fella with a new, more sturdy looking item, and after a week of use it’s still hanging in there, which bodes well. 

My other recent issue with the self-removing pannier lock barrel has also been cured, and I’m happy to report that there’s been no repeat performance. 

Minor gripes aside, and with over a thousand miles together so far, the GT is proving to be a perfect daily companion; as docile as you need it to be, and as hedonistic as you want it to be. What a bike.


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Images: Joe Dick / Chippy Wood / Richard Newland