MCN Fleet: 2017 KTM 300 EXC - a cause for celebration

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MCN’s Sport Editor Michael Guy takes delivery of 2017 KTM 300EXC enduro bike

I can honestly say that I love riding any type of bike, but my enjoyment levels reach new heights when it comes to off-road. So when KTM agreed to loan me one of their all new 2017 enduro bikes I was literally in cloud nine.

Having been on the launch of the 2017 enduro bike range in July I knew just how good the already class leading range had become.

My weapon of choice was the KTM 300 EXC the single cylinder two-stroke. While the vast majority f manufacturers have either stopped or put any two stroke development on the back burner, KTM are the opposite and have constantly pushed the boundaries to improve the technology and produce incredible power plants.

Gone are the days of all top end, zero bottom end, smoke and constantly fouled plugs. Modern day two strokes have to be ridden to be believed and KTM current offering is yet another step forward.


With an unbelievable spread of power starting right at the bottom. Masses of torque and arm stretching top end its no wonder KTM’s 300 is the weapon of choice in Extreme Enduro events like Erzberg, Red Bull Romaniacs and Red Bull Sea to Sky etc..

The 300 EXC has always been good, but the 2017 model is even better. Subtle changes to the geometry and riding position make it more trials bike than ever and in the right hands it’s capable of scaling intensely technical terrain and near impossible climbs.

And every step of the way there is the overwhelming satisfaction you only get from riding a two-stroke.

With a bike so capable at my disposal, its prompted me to try and improve my own riding in an effort to maximise my enjoyment from the bike. I’ve been off-road riding since I was a kid but like most of us I’ve still got a lot to learn.

Motivated by a recent day at the Endurolegends training school where I was taught by former world enduro champion Paul Edmondson and extreme enduro riders Jonny Walker and Billy Bolt (LINK) I have embarked on more training with the KTM 300.

First up was a day with the Desert Rose Riding Accademy for some serious technical training and the second was a day out in Wales with the for a full day of riding stunning trails.


Full write ups of these two days coming soon.


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Michael Guy

By Michael Guy

Sports Editor, former 250-racer and adventure rider