MCN Fleet: Superstition IS the way for SV650

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It’s the question to which there could only be one answer. ‘Do you want crash protectors for the SV?’ What was I supposed to say – ‘No thanks, I don’t need crash protectors’?

I don’t much believe in superstition, but nor do I much believe in taunting it. Well not since the day I laughed at a photographer’s superstition about always putting his left glove on first, thrusting my right hand into a glove right in front of his face.

Within minutes I was on my arse and a Kawasaki ZX-12R was sliding up the road in a shower of sparks from its titanium silencer. Since that day I’ve always put my left glove on first.

Anyway, back to the crash protectors. I didn’t really want them as they seem like a frippery. But I can’t say I won’t need them, and can imagine the told-you-so-points that would be heading my way if things did go wrong.


So I spent 10 minutes fitting the R&G Racing Aero-style crash protectors (£74.99, to the SV650 on a Saturday afternoon. Thankfully they’re subtle enough to go largely un-noticed as the black design disappears into its black surroundings. The build quality is good, the instructions are easy to follow and I don’t need to drill any bodywork to fit them (otherwise I would be taking my chances with superstition).

I’ve had them on the SV for a week or so and singularly failed to notice them. I hope that continues for the rest of summer. But if something should go wrong, at least I won’t have to wonder what would have happened if I’d fitted those crash bungs.

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Tony Hoare

By Tony Hoare

Former MCN Consumer Editor