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Latest MCN routes recommendation

– December 20 route: Epic American road trip
Big roads, stunning scenery and an inclusive bike culture, it’s a trip many of us dream of!

– November 22 route: Gateway to the Brecon Beacons. Distance: 86 miles
This route takes in many of the roads that the great Lawrence of Arabia would have travelled on when he was hitting 100mph on his Brough Superior in the 1930’s.

– November 15 route: Chasing Lawrence of Arabia. Distance: 30 miles
This route takes in many of the roads that the great Lawrence of Arabia would have travelled on when he was hitting 100mph on his Brough Superior in the 1930’s.

– November 08 route: Adventure bike heaven. Distance: 100 mile
This is no ordinary special ride. This one is of epic proportions. Take this ride and you’ll not only be a proficient green laner, but a Dakar-trained off-road warrior – all while exploring some of the best trails, countryside, roads and off-road venues in the UK.

– November 01 route: A right regal ride. Distance: 26 miles
Get lost in a maze of tight turns, fast sweepers and long straights.

– November 01 route: Explore Norfolk. Distance: 136 miles
A coastal cruise that will keep you buzzing. 

– October 25 route: Welsh Rarebit. Distance: 60 miles
The views are incredible as the route runs higher.

– October 25 route: Suffolk sensation. Distance: 50 miles
A cracking 50-mile ride that takes you from A to Sea.

– October 18 route: Get your grins up north. Distance: 59 miles
Scarborough makes a great base for touring the North; not only are some of the UK’s finest roads on its doorstep, it also has a lion’s share of biker-friendly accommodation.

– October 18 route: The Myserious East (Midlands). Distance: 61 miles
Although somewhat limited in the scenery department, the East Midlands can provide more than a surprise or two.

– October 11 route: Northern epic. Distance: 70 miles
Enjoy the skies and solitude of this stunning run that features as part of the epic North Coast 500 route.

– October 11 route: The Lincolnshire coast. Distance: 64 miles
There might not be anything particularly tight or technical about this route, but it will take some effort to supres a grin.

– October 04 route: Crossing the Dales. Distance: 54 miles
With great roads in every direction Hawes is very much a hub for exploring this region.

– September 27 route: Scotland’s South West. Distance: 97 miles
This is an adventure that only Scotland can provide.

– September 20 route: Lap of Anglesey. Distance: 77 miles
Anglesey may not be the UK’s most famous biking island but it does have a lot to offer the discerning motorcyclist.

– September 20 route: Kielder and the Borderlands. Distance: 102 miles
Kielder Forest is an interesting place; its man-made woodland is the largest of its kinds in Europe, its reservoir the biggest artificial body of water in the UK and its village the most remote in England. 

– September 13 route: Black Forest B500 bliss. Distance: 40 miles
It may seem like a long way to go for a 40 mile stretch of tarmac but thi is easily one of the finest roads in Europe.

– September 13 route: A Pennine adventure. Distance: 100 miles
Taking in some of the best roads in England and with stunning scenery, this isn’t one to miss.

– September 6 route: The Exmoor Explorer. Distance: 114 miles
This south west ride has an organic quality as it follows the natural paths of many rivers in the area and flows beautifully from one town to the next.

– September 6 route: Surfer’s paradise. Distance: 53 miles
This short route from Newquay offers amazing coastal views as well as plenty of undulations.

– August 30 route: Cairgorm chacanery. Distance 80 miles
Ride this route and no-one would blame you for selling up and moving to the region.

– August 30 route: The Broads and beyond. Distance 175 miles
Featuring twisty tarmac that dives from village to village, this route makes a great day’s riding in the East of England.

– August 23 routes: This week’s routes all centred around the British MotoGP round at Silverstone.

– August 16 route: An Artic adventure. Distance: 1500 miles
A stunning route through Norway that makes the Alps look like a garden rockery.

– August 16 route: Through the Surrey Hills. Distance: 25 miles
It’s all up in the Downs with this ride through the Surry Hills.

– July 26 route: All gain and no pain in Spain. Distance: 160 miles
This four hour trip north along Spain’s border with Portugal is different from the usual Spanish riding riding routes but it’s certainly not boring.

– July 26 route: Tour de Argyll. Distance: 142 miles
This inspirational ride takes you along some sensational corkscrew roads through some of the best scenery Scotland has to offer.

– July 19 route: Yorkshire thrills. Distance: 51 miles
Enjoy this Dales delight and see the English countryside at it’s very best

– July 19 route: Galloway gallop. Distance: 75 miles
Moffat makes an ideal base for exploring an often overlooked region of Scotland, that of Dumfries & Galloway and The Borders.

– July 12 route: Discover the missing Lincs. Distance: 97 miles
If you happen to be passing Peterborough on the A1 to Hull or North Yorkshire, and you fancy an alternative route rather than the dreary slog up the A1/M18 or A15, then this route is for you. 

– July 12 route: The A272: A bimble and a blast. Distance: 86 miles
How to ride it: Five Ashes, Haywards Heath, Midhurst, Petersfield and Winchester. If you can stop off at Loomies Moto Cafe on Alton Road, GU32 1JX for a bite to eat. 

– July 5 route: Scotland’s wild west coast. Distance: 271 miles
An epic route that’s nothing short of motorcycling nirvana. You’ll want to ride it again and again.

– July 5 route: The Welsh Wanderer. Distance: 110 miles
A Welsh epic that will reward you with views that feel positively Mediterranean. 

– June 28 route: Take a ferry good detour. Distance: 20 miles
A gentle 20-mile stretch from Basingstoke to Hawkley.

– June 28 route: You’ll get sidetracked but it’s well worth it. Distance: 100 miles
How to ride it: Killarney, Kenmare, Ardgroom, Faunkill, Ring of Beara, Ardgroom, Kenmare, Kilgarven, Loo Bridge to Killarney. Avoid peak holiday time during this route. 

– June 21 route: The North Pennines. Distance: 36 miles
Enjoy a slice of pure motorcycling heaven.

– June 21 route: The Horseshoe Pass. Distance: 5 miles
A high and mighty road that should be on every bikers list.

-June 14 route: Scottish stunner. Distance: 271 miles
Twist the day away and be blown away by the incredible scenery on one of the best rides this country has to offer

– June 14 route: An Essex Adventure. Distance: 49 miles
Follow the vanishing point as it describes the depth of each tantalising bend

– June 07 route: North Scotland. Distance: 70 miles
It’s as remote as it gets.

– June 07 route: The High Weald. Distance: 100 miles
Who says the south-east is all concrete jungle?

– May 31 route: Explore the other Cumbria. Distance: 60 miles
Everyone loves the lakes but there’s more to Cumbria

– May 31 route: East of England blast. Distance: 85 miles
Not many hills, but this ride won’t leave you feeling flat.

– May 10 route: A Triumphant trip to MCN Festival. Distance: 85 miles
Start at Hinkley to Melton Mowbray and off to Peterborough. 

– May 10 route: A1 avoidance. Distance: 65 miles
From Baldock, to Cambridge and then to Peterborough for the MCN Festival.

– May 10 route: Cut through the Peak District to MCN Festival. Distance: 135 miles
Out of Holfirth, to Buxton, Nottingham and off to Peterborough. 

– May 10 route: Sunny Hunny surprise. Distance: 127 miles
Start at Great Yarmouth, up to Sheringham, west to Hustanton and down to Peterborough for the MCN Festival.

– May 3 route: Cornwall’s finest roads. Distance: 56 miles
Roll west out of Bodmin to Bugle, Looe, Liskeard, Bodmin through Cornwall’s finest roads.

– May 3 route: Escape into Welsh wilds. Distance: 58 miles
Wales seems to breed great roads and this loop around Newtown is another example of the superb stretches of tarmac that attract bikers from all over the UK and beyond. 

– April 26 route: Blow away the A1 blues Distance: 55 miles
Northumberland is all about the scenery. Instead of hacking through it on the tedious A1, divert east and take in the coastal route up to Bamburgh, where the coastal castle dominates the landscape.

– April 26 route: Beacons brighten any ride. Distance: 59 miles
A bit of the great Welsh landscape takes you from Llanwrtyd Wells, Tregaron, Lampeter, Llandovery and back to L. Wells. MCN contributor Justin Hayzelden says ‘river and road slowly converge as the valley levels out then rises again’.

– April 19 route: Want to meet the Queen? Distance: 37 miles
This short figure of eighttakes in Windsor Castle and the site where the Magna Carta was sealed in 1215 and has some nice riding roads to boot.

– April 19 route: Wessex Downs. Distance: 54 miles
This southern comfort takes you through Beautiful Basingstoke, Andover and Newbury, taking you past the castle from Downton Abbey (apparently).

– April 12 route: North Yorkshire Moors. Distance: 59 miles
This Scarborough blast sees you through Whitby, Pickering, and Oliver’s Mount. Ride it at any time and perhaps stay at The Atlanta Guest House in town and eat at Oliver’s on the mount.

– Apr 12 route: Tolland Royal/Cann Common hill thrills. Distance: 5 miles
Take the B3081 south from Shaftesbury. Turn left after the used car garage to stay on the B3081. Follow the B3081 uphill till the corners run out. Turn around and ride back down the hill. Repeat. And you can ride this at anytime and try some food at Ye Olde Two Brewers at the foot of Gold Hill.

– April 5 route: Croyde Bay loop, Devon. Distance: 95 miles
While many flock to Newquay for its beaches and surf, Croyde is in many ways a far better location. It’s further up the west coast than Newquay and is one of a series of beaches that includes Saunton Sands ad Woolacombe and is a friendly spot to start a ride. 

– Apr 5 route: Spectacular Snowdonia. Distance: 155 miles
The Snowdonia Naional Park in Wales is without doubt one of the best places to ride an adventure bike in the UK. It’s got it all; twisty back roads, stunning back-drops, a plethora of mucky and gravel tracks and , of course, the epic Mount Snowdon itself.

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More routes here

– Mar 29 route: The North Coast 767: “The best weekend ride in the UK bar none.” Distance: 767 miles
The North Coast 500 has become famous in touring circles – for bikers, cyclists and drivers; it’s a convenient number describing a loop around the Highlands, starting and ending in Inverness. But really, 500 miles is far from the whole story; and it’d be a shame to miss out on some cracking roads just to observe a numeral! Hence the NC767. It mostly follows the same track as the NC500 – but it’s way more than a mere 267 miles better.

– Mar 29 route: Suffolk surprise. Distance: 100 miles
What Suffolk lacks in height variation, it more than makes up for in quirky villages and seaside views. This route can be ridden all year round, allow yourself about three hours to complete it. 

– Mar 22 route: A cracking Cadwell ride. Distance: 50 miles
With plenty of ups and downs, the A153 provides a great ride to one of the UK’s best spectator circuits – Cadwell Park. It’s a firm favourite, especially when BSB is in town, so why not link in this great ride with a trip to watch the action?

– Mar 22 route: A lap of Anglesey, North Wales. Distance: 77 miles
Think of Anglesey and two things usally spring to mind; the circuit and the ferry to Ireland. But we’re talking about the largest island of Wales here. It should be more of a biking mecca than a pit stop to Ireland.

– Mar 15 route: After work outing. Distance: 50 miles
This is a lovely route which can be ridden clockwise or anti-clockwise and should take about 90 minutes – perfect for an late evening after work.

– Mar 15 route: It’s a piece of cake. Distance: 40
This route is just one road (almost) and it’s great fun riding it, turning around and doing it again. Best to visit in the spring or autumn.

– Mar 8 route: A fishy destination. Distance: 56 miles
This route around the Cotswolds is intended as a rough guide because it’s only when you veer off the beaten track and explore the little villages you really get a feeling for this idyllic location.

– Mar 8 route: Pennine adventure. Distance: 41 miles
Start at Penrith on the A686 and follow it to Alston, from there, pick up the B6277 to Middleton-in-Teeside. Expect big snow in winter, the Yad Moss ski lift is there for a reason! 

– Mar 1 route: The moors the merrier. Distance: 75 miles
 Start at Pickering. Head north until the A171, then left to Middlesborough. After 15 miles divert left towards Danby or carry on to Stokesley and then tak the B1257.

– Mar 1 route: Cadwell extension. Distance: 30 miles
One of the reasons Cadwell Park is such a popular circuit is its similarity to riding on the road, with an undulating nature that creates a swirling, swooshing experience. The roads around the track link together to form an entertaining way to reach the circuit.

– Feb 22 route: From Newquay to Bodmin and back to Newquay. Distance: 53 miles
Ride from Newquay, to Porthcothan, Padstow and Bodmin. During off-season is best for this journey as hotels are cheap and the roads are quieter. However a late ride at the end of a long summer’s day can be spectacular. 

– Feb 22 route: Tour of Cambridgeshire. Distance: 58 miles
This route should take you two hours, following the route of the Tour of Cambridgeshire cycle race, starting from the East of England Showground.

– Feb 15 route: From Ripon to Settle. Distance: 57 miles
When the sun is shining, the Dales are among the most exhilarating places in the country to ride a bike with dips and dives, sweeps and swoops and views that have graced many a postcard. 

– Feb 15 route: Selkirk to Moffat. Distance: 44 miles
From Selkirk, Tweedsmuir to Moffat: ‘Rushing water adds to the thrill’.

– Feb 8 route: The South Downs. Distance: 25 miles
A short ride through the South Downs through forests, ending at the famous Goodwood circuit. 

– Feb 8 route: Ride the ‘Top Gear’ road. Distance: 53 miles
Ever watch Top Gear and thought ‘that looks like a fantastic road, I’d love to ride that’? Well now you can. 

– Feb 1 route: Blandford Forum. Distance: 70 miles
For a rollercoaster road this journey should take between two-three hours. We advise you ride it between March – September and maybe stop off for a bite to eat at The Dolphin (a small, friendly pub in Blandford Forum).

– Feb 1 route: London night ride is bliss. Distance: 46 miles
You’ll enjoy some of the sites of our capital as you ride by Ace Cafe, London City Airport, Tower Bridge, London Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Parliament Square, The Cenotaph and back to the Ace Cafe. You can ride this all year but summer nights are best. Definitely eat at the Ace Cafe. 

– Jan 25 route: Durness to Lairg. Distance: 70 miles
Start at Durness on the A838. Carry on until Tongue, then right at the junction for the A836 outside the village, just before a war memorial. Stay on the A836 all the way into Lairg. Best ridden in the Summer and try The Tongue Hotel or the Pier Cafe in Lairg if you get peckish. 

– Jan 25 route : Ashford Blase. Distance: 115 miles
This ride should take three hours and 20 minutes. Ride it in the summer months and eat at The Flying Horse, just outside Ashford on the A251 at Boughton Lees, comes recommended for its food and quality of service.

– Jan 18 route: Reign in Spain. Distance: 160 miles
For a blazing ride through Spain, one that will have you feeling like you’re traversing through the wild west, this route from Badajoz to Ciudad Rodrigo is perfect.

– Jan 18 route: Cheddar isn’t cheesy. Distance: 78 miles
The two possible loops in this route will give you everything you need, taking you through the thrilling tight corners and surrounding cliff faces of Cheddar Gorge.

– Jan 11 route: Cairngorm chicanery: 80 miles
Take the A95 across the Spey, go right onto the A393. Follow for 30 miles, right onto B976 at Gairnshiel Lodge. Right at T-junction with A93. Ride this one between April to October for, as MCN’s freelance road tester Simon Hargreaves says, for ‘mountains, crowded and bruised, brood like a storm on the horizon.’

– Jan 11 route: Exmoor: The best of the west: 75 miles
After you’ve started your journey in Minehead, you’ll set off in a scenic loop to wind up in Dunster 75 miles later. Along the way you’ll enjoy the full beauty of the Exmoor countryside. Just make sure to look out for fish and chips in Lynmouth if you need a quick break.

– Jan 4 route: The Yorkshire Dales. Distance: 51 miles
Starting just off the A1, this east-to-west route winds over the Dales to finish at the famous Devil’s Bridge. “Twists, turns, ascents and steep plunges… this northern route has it all,” says MCN’s Justin Hayzelden.

– Jan 4 route: See all the Wight sights. Distance: 65 miles
Starting off at the ferry in Cowes, this short blast takes you all around the Isle of Wight, showing you a host of coastal views and places to camp for the weekend if you’re tempted to return.

– Dec 28 route: Covering all the angles. Distance: 77 miles

Starting off at the Menai Bridge, covering all angles and doing a loop back to the Menai Bridge. With many small, twisting roads, it’s best to enjoy this route by cruising along and taking in the glorious views. Or perhaps even dabbling in a little seal spotting.

– Dec 28 route: From Boston to Hull. Distance: 97 miles
This blast is a mix of dead straight roads and tight, tight bends. 

– Dec 14 route: Super Somerset. Distance: 100 miles
From Bath to Cheddar (say cheese!) past well and back to Bath. You’ll experience Cheddar Gorge, a stretch of road surrounded by tall rock walls that will encompass your ride in an exhaust-filled cacophony.

– Dec 14 route: Scotland’s West Coast. Distance: 271 miles
The Scottish scenery is breathtaking, so relax and take your time on this trip. From the lochs by Invergarry to Scotland’s third highest road, Bealach na Bà, this is a route with a wide variety of scenic treats to savour.

– Dec 7 route: Exmoor Gastro-tour. Distance: 55 miles
The Devonshire coastline is brilliant if you’re looking for a good riding (eating) route, including rapid ascents and stunning views wherever you look.

– Dec 7 route: English Rose. Distance: 50 miles
For an ideal burst of British riding, on a route known as the Charlbury TT, save this one for a sunny summer’s day to make the most of the bright fields and rolling countryside.

– Nov 30 route: Unlock the Quay. Distance: 60 miles
Enjoy some of the best roads in the south of the UK, featuring the beautiful Hartland Peninsula.

– Nov 30 route: Spanish solitude. Distance: 125 miles
The Riaño Triangle: 125 miles of sun, rolling hills, and incredibly quiet roads. What’s not to like?

– Nov 23 route: Home comforts. Distance: 100 miles
For a long ride with plenty of smooth, broad roads and few stingy speed limits, try out this route starting from Tunbridge Wells.

– Nov 23 route: A champion ride. Distance: 70 miles
As proud as Leicester may be of its football and rugby teams, we’re more interested in the roads around the city that are ideal for motorcycling.

– Nov 16 route: Norwich coastal loop. Distance: 90 miles
If you want a chance to cruise along the coast or stop off in Norwich to check out the cathedral or Tinklers Yamaha – the city dealership that’s been around for 83 years – then this ride is perfect.

– Nov 9 route: A short but sweet ride past Oliver’s Mount. Distance: 70 miles
Oliver’s Mount in Scarborough is the UK mainland’s only road racing circuit. As a spectator on race days or as a user when it’s an open public road the rest of the time, it’s definitely worth a trip.

– Nov 2 route: Great excuse to bypass the A1. Distance: 50 miles
To break the monotous nature of a long journey, venture onto some smaller roads near Saffron Walden and Duxford. You might as well make the most of the trip and browse through the Battle of Britain aircraft while you’re there.

– Oct 26 route: Four counties in one hour. Distance: 50 miles
Starting in Stamford and circling back, this route is intended to take you past some charming small towns to give you plenty of places to look at along your way.

– Oct 19 route: One for Queen and country. Distance: 51 miles
Start out at the historic beauty of Windsor castle and wind your way past Runneymede water-meadow towards Dorney Lake, an idyllic Olympic rowing venue. This ride has a great combination of scenery. 

– Oct 12 route: Beautiful Highland fling. Distance: 44 miles
When you start riding through these sweeping highland roads and pass by the stunning Lochindorb, it’s easy to see why the members of the Dunedin Chapter of HOG go to the area every year.

– Oct 5 route: One for a sunny day. Distance: 55 miles
When you have a sunny day to spare and can enjoy the weather transforming the open roads around you, cruise along this simple ride through the North Pennines.

– Sep 28 route: Pure Welsh Wizardy. Distance: 67 miles
This Anglesey route simply gives you some of the best road that Wales has to offer, with spectacular scenery and narrow, challenging roads throughout.

– Sep 21 route: Crossing the Peaks. Distance: 41 miles
You’ll need to time it right, but if you do this run is a great way to cross the Peak District and see some of its reservoirs.

– Sep 14 route: The scenic route into Scotland. Distance: 51 miles
Run through the Borders and sing Flower of Scotland

– Sep 7 route: A Lincolnshire favourite. Distance: 18 miles
A challenging blast popular with the Lincolnshire locals

– Aug 31 route: A classic in the Cairngorms. Distance: 133 miles
The Old Military Road is one of Scotland’s classic routes to savour

– Aug 24 route: The Peak District cruise. Distance: 54 miles
It’s no longer a speed-lover’s paradise, but the Peak District makes for a beautiful ride

– Aug 17 route: Head for the beach race. Distance: 46 miles
Mablethorpe is a belting destination, especially for winter Sunday mornings

– Aug 10 route: Glorious Goodwood route. Distance: 58 miles
Escape the madcap south-east

– Aug 3 route: The Four Counties Coast. Distance: 137 miles
A gentle ride out through the Home Counties and Cotswolds

– July 27 route: The Furthest Loop. Distance: 361 miles
A loop around the UK’s most northerly coast

– July 20 route: The Rutland Long Way Round. Distance: 94 miles
A lap of the UK’s smallest county

– July 13 route: North York Moors loop. Distance: 82 miles
A ride around the North York Moors National Park

– July 6 route: The Cat and Fiddle run. Distance: 37 miles
A full-on ride that demands concentration.

– June 29 route: A round of Cheddar. Distance: 76 miles
A great ride around the Mendip Hills.

– June 22 route: The Northumberland Ring. Distance: 48 miles
Sand and castles on the north-east coast of England.

– June 15 route: Tour of Cambridgeshire. Distance: 58 miles
Cycle races are over much quicker if you don’t have to pedal.

– June 8 route: The Cadwell Park extension. Distance: 30 miles
Don’t take the obvious route to Cadwell Park.

– June 1 route: Light up the Beacons. Distance: 46miles
Light up your life like a Brecon Beacon

– May 25 route: The Highlander route. Distance: 104 miles
Get stuck in to the Scottish Highlands.

– May 18 route: North Wessex Downs route Distance: 54 miles
Escape the south-east’s crowded roads.

– May 11 route: MCN Festival of Motorcycling Ride-In route. 82 miles
 The guided route to Britain’s biggest outdoor motorcycle show.

– May 4 route: Real ale and real dales. Distance: 57 miles
A taste of tourist’s Yorkshire

– April 27 route: Grantham loop. Distance: 50 miles
A perfect evening ride with great grub en route

– April 20 route: Peak practice. Distance: 32 miles
A Peak District ride that will really test your skills.

– April 13 route: Suffolk surprise. Distance: 100 miles
A relaxed trip to the seaside.

– April 6 route: The wonder of Fish Hill. Distance: 55 miles
A great excuse to spend a day touring the Cotswolds.

– March 30 route: Follow in Top Gear’s tyretracks. Distance: 53 miles
A picturesque ride over the Black Mountain – as seen on TV.

– March 23 route: Dip in and out of the Wiltshire Downs. Distance: 70 miles
The ride to make you want to spend a weekend in the Wiltshire area.

– March 16 route: The world’s most famous road. Distance: 37.73 miles
The Isle of Man’s spectacular TT course is enough to reduce many to tears of joy.

– March 9 route: Ashford blast. Distance: 20 miles
A short but sweet route between Ashford and Rye.

– March 2 route: The Cadwell corker. Distance: 50 miles
This run from Grantham to Louth is perfect for a Cadwell BSB weekend.

– February 24 route: Beautiful Beaulieu. Distance: 67 miles
A loop around the New Forest that takes in Beaulieu Motor Museum.

– February 17 route: Kirkby Lonsdale to Ripon. Distance: 63 miles
A pleasant ride that gives you an excuse to visit Devil’s Bridge on a sunny day.

– February 10 route: The South Downs. Distance: 45 miles
With Goodwood and Rolls-Royce on the route, there’s a touch of class about this one.

– February 3 route: Hinckley to Melton Mowbray. Distance: 44 miles
Triumph’s home turf has brilliant roads – and a racetrack nearby.

– January 27 route: Zig Zag Hill. Distance: 5.5 miles
Pack more corners into five miles than there are in all of Holland.

– January 20 route: Lake District loop. Distance: 60 miles
This loop impresses while avoiding the Lake District’s busiest tourist hotspots.

– January 13 route: Isle of Wight. Distance: 65 miles
It’s like the Isle of Man… except slower, and with less traffic.

– January 6 route: The Newtown loop. Distance: 58 miles
A scenic loop of Powys that is worth a few laps on a sunny day

– December 30 route: Dip into Dartmoor. Distance: 90 miles
A quick blast across Dartmoor National Park from Exeter to Tavistock

– December 16 route: Lake District loop. Distance: 65 miles
A short loop of the Lakes that will leave you wanting more

– December 9 route: Rye ramble. Distance: 85 miles
A pleasant route with some of the highlights of life in the south-east

– December 2 route: Bala to Welshpool. Distance: 68 miles
A trip around Snowdonia’s stunning scenery and roads

– November 25 route: The Lizard loop. Distance: 31 miles
A short run around the most westerly point in England

– November 18 route: Glencoe to Pitlochry. Distance: 90 miles
A scenic route that is one of the most unforgettable rides in Scotland

– November 11 route: The Norwich loop. Distance: 100 miles
A loop around Norwich that takes in the east coast and Great Yarmouth

– November 4 route: Shrewsbury to Llanuwchlln. Distance: 52 miles
Take the wriggling route from England to Wales

– October 28 route: Good old Cotswolds. Distance: 95 miles
A quick tour of the best the Cotswolds has to offer

– October 21 route: Inspired by Squires. Distance: 41 miles
A figure-of-eight route that’s a perfect excuse to visit the legendary Squires Milk Bar

– October 14 route: The Baldock loop. Distance: 50 miles
Lurking next to the A1(M) is a short loop of surprisingly fun selection of roads

– October 7 route: Benefield belter. Distance: 58 miles
A quick blast through some excellent roads tucked between Corby and Peterborough

– September 30 route: The Abergavenny experience. Distance: 115 miles
A loop of southern Wales that takes in the Brecon Beacons and stunning forest views

– September 23 route: Scarborough loop. Distance: 70 miles
Follow in the tracks of Sheene, McGuinness and Martin

– September 16 route: Explore the garden of England. Distance: 55 miles
A route around the Kent Downs that is short but packed with things to do

– September 9 route: Rutland revelry. Distance: 90 miles
A short but sweet route that takes in some fantastic Rutland roads

– September 2 route: Thruxton thrash. Distance: 80 miles
Explore the Marlborough Downs before finishing up at Thruxton circuit.

– August 26 route: Reach out for the Skye. Distance: 143 miles
Most of Scotland is spectacular, but there’s something extra special about the Isle of Skye.

– August 19 route: A day in the Norfolk sun. Distance: 85 miles
A run from Thetford to Cromer and the chance to get sand between your toes.

– August 12 route: A lap of Anglesey. Distance: 77 miles
There’s more to Anglesey than the rush to get to Holyhead ferry port.

– August 5 route: Croyde Bay loop. Distance: 95 miles
Not many head up this way, but those who do get the experience of a lifetime.

– July 29 route: Upper west Scotland. Distance: 335 miles
Not many head up this way, but those who do get the experience of a lifetime.

– July 22 route: East Sussex loop. Distance: 66 miles
A ride that reveals some of the best countryside in southern England.

– July 15 route: Porthmadog loop. Distance: 45 miles
A thrilling and challenging loop that starts and finished at the coastal town of Porthmadog.

– July 8 route: The Exmoor ring road. Distance: 75 miles
Circulate Exmoor National Park and take in fantastic coastal views.

– July 1 route: Scotland’s lower west coast. Distance: 224 miles
Sample what Scotland has to offer before venturing further north.

– June 24 route: Winchester to Bolney. Distance: 57 miles
Cutting across the South Downs National Park, the A272 is one of the best reasons to take your bike south of London.

– June 17 route: North Wales run. Distance: 66 miles
This run from Betws-y-Coed to Mold incorporates some of the best roads in North Wales.


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