Free commuter cover on Ride to Work Week

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You could get free commuter cover during Ride to Work week.

Four major motorcycle insurers are offering free commuter cover to riders during the Ride to Work Week to help people see the benefits of commuting to work by motorcycle.

For the duration of the working week from June 19-25, Ageas, Bennetts, Bikesure and Carole Nash are all offering to cover riders whose policies don’t include commuting so that they can get involved and hopefully see the benefits of riding their motorcycles to work.


“We are delighted these companies are encouraging leisure riders to try commuting on their bikes during Ride to Work Week, by extending their cover” said Ride to Work Week campaign manager, Steve Muir.

“Around two-thirds of motorcyclists only opt for social and domestic cover and so are missing out on the huge benefits of commuting on their bikes. These include saving time, money and enjoying easier parking. Regular commuters are also likely to become more skilled road users and the best reason of all is that it’s just more fun!”

Riding more offers a host of advantages over driving or using public transport. In most cases, it’s cheaper – with riders being able to pick up decent machinery for a lot less than the equivalent cost to use public transport or a car. 

With extra time on the bike, road craft improves significantly for those who ride regularly too. With bikers often making much safer car drivers. It’s also free to park in most places, meaning that you save significant money on using your vehicle, especially if working in a city.

Getting to work also takes less time on a bike too and reduces congestion, with a European study finding that if just 10% of car users switched to riding motorcycles then congestion would reduce by a massive 40% for all road users.

It also ties in nicely with the MCN #ride5000miles campaign too. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for travel tips or just want to be part of a community of riders that want to go further.

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