Insuring a new bike to ride home

You will find that if you have a driving other motorcycles extension on your policy then your certificate will state so. 

Some motorcycle insurers do offer cover for ‘Riding Other Bikes’ as an extension, and if you think you will need it to, say, test ride your next bike, or maybe borrow a mate’s machine for a spin, it’s worth checking at the time you take out your insurance through MCNcompare.

There are often certain criteria for the cover to be offered. For example, Bennetts does provide cover for 'Riding Other Bikes' if customers meet the following criteria:
1 - The bike they are insured on must be 351cc or over
2 - The client must be aged 25 or older
3 - There are also some occupations that would not allow this extended cover e.g. a motor trader or a mechanic for instance (it is not just these jobs, there are more).

The only other thing that you need to be aware of is that when you do use the ‘riding other bike’ extension, you’re only covered 'Third Party Only'. Essentially if you have a claim where you were at fault, then you have to pick up the costs regarding the damage to the bike you had test ridden (or any other bike they may ride using this extension) and the insurer will pick up the costs if there was a third party involved.