Am I blowing my cover?

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Jumping through the hoops of questions while insuring my bikes recently, I’m inevitably asked “Are the bikes fitted with an immobiliser?” In the last few years my reply has been “yes, the manufacturer’s built-in ignition immobiliser”, as I understood that most modern bikes’ ignition systems have an immobiliser built in as standard. I am now receiving requests from insurers for proof of third-party, Thatcham-approved immobilisers, and am filled with unease that I am exposing myself to accusations of misleading insurers.
Tony Beedham, email 

Answered by Chris Evitt, Carole Nash
Any decent broker/insurer should know that they are fitted as standard by the manufacturer to most modern bikes. Some security question options may be limited on an online proposal form, so they may just automate the request as they don’t know exactly what device is fitted. I’m sure a quick call to your insurance broker will sort the issue.

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