Insurance advice: Is an R1 write-off worth buying?

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Back in the day I bought my written-off Honda 400/4 back from the insurer and put it back on the road, but that was before the new write-off categories. I know of a Cat-D Yamaha R1 write-off for sale, and the seller assures me you can re-insure the rebuild. But he’s a bit Del-Boy, so I want to be sure. Can you get cover, and if so are the premiums higher? 

Will Landies, Glasgow

Answered by Chris Dabbs, MCN

As long as it has a current MoT that was carried out after the write-off claim was settled, then cover should be available. If the bike was kept standard it should have the original registration and there should be no impact on any premium. As it has come back from being written-off there would be a potential impact on the market value if you made a claim on the bike, but I’d expect it to be insured for a lower agreed value.

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