How do I get an insurance refund?

As I was working in Qatar for a while I put my 2013 BMW R1250GS on SORN a month before the insurance ran out and headed to the airport. My UK mail takes several weeks to be forwarded to me, and I’ve just had a letter informing me that my expired insurance has been automatically renewed and payment taken from an account I don’t have online access to. I’m happy for it to be off-cover as it’s stored securely, so how do I get a refund?

John Allison, Co Durham


Answered by Chris Evitt, Carole Nash Insurance

Although auto-renewal features on a number of policies, it normally allows you to opt out, either by the customer contacting their broker directly, or responding to the renewal notice that should go out up to a month before the premium is due.

If a customer has already purchased a new policy with a different provider, or sold their bike, we will give them a full refund. The same applies if the customer wants to ‘self-insure’ while their bike is on SORN and contacts us within 14 days of the renewal date.

Sometimes cancellation charges are levelled because you have been on cover, albeit inadvertently. That provision should be covered in the terms and conditions of the policy. It’s always worth calling them if you are in any doubt. If you feel you still have a dispute with the broker or insurer, contact the Financial Ombudsman Service on 08000-234567 for an individual case review.

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