Insurance advice: Insuring your bike during a ban

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Q. I bought a ‘05 Suzuki GSX-R750 in July, and a great bike it is. The only problem is I’ve been banned for six months on totting up. I told my insurance company and they’ve told me my insurance is null and void because one of the conditions is that there should be a licence-holder on the policy.

Even though I won’t be using the bike until I get my licence back, I’m terrified of it being stolen while it isn’t covered. Not to mention the remainder of the premium I’m going to lose to cover “admin” for any refund. I’ve tried to find an alternative “laid-up” policy to cover the period without any success.
Andy Nutt, Stoke-on-Trent

A. There are no companies which offer this sort of “laid-up” policy that we are aware of. However, it is still possible to maintain cover. The trick is to add a named rider with a valid licence to the motorbike insurance policy, ideally before you receive a ban.

They’ll be insured to ride it, but you’ll get the payout if the bike is nicked. Or you could re-insure it under a friend or relative’s name.

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Chris Dabbs

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