Motorbike insurance: Declaring modifications

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Chris Allgar had an Arrow Race can fitted to his Tiger 1050, which upped the output, by 15bhp or so.

“I was really happy with it, the bike had been set up on a dyno and was pumping out about 15b brake horse more, with a great sound too.” Said Chris.

“But when I called my insurance broker to let them know, I was shocked to find the policy I’d taken out didn’t cover this sort of modification, and I had the choice of taking it off, or cancelling the policy.”

I didn’t want to undo all the hard work, so I went for cancellation, only to find that the alternative policy was about twice as much!”

The moral of this tale is to check when you first take out your cover what the specific exclusions are, or to make it clear to your broker what you plan to do, so they can hunt out a policy tailored to your needs.

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