Insure your dream bike: Yamaha YZF-R125

Over 12,000 readers completed our MCN Britain Biking survey, so we are able to tell you which are the most popular bikes in the UK. Using we can let you know precisely what comprehensive motorcycle insurance for them would cost. This week, we look at what it costs to insure the full-size, learner legal Yamaha YZF-R125.

Yamaha YZF-R125 (2008-current) £2000 - £4329 / 14.6bhp

Essential Info

Top speed: 82mph
Engine: 124cc
Torque: 9ft-lb
Insurance group: 6

The YZF combines an easy-going ride with a little bit more poke than its rivals and grown up looks. It's actually slightly bigger than the YZF-R6 that inspired its styling!

High risk

A 25-year-old student renting in central London who's been riding for less than two years. Does 8000 miles each year, is yet to build up any no claims bonus, and already has a speeding conviction.

2008 model: £697
2011 model: £774

Average risk

35, living in suburbia, covering 10,000 miles a year on a bike, this rider has built up three years NCB, is an accountant, yet doesn't own his own house and keeps his bike on the driveway.

2008 model: £123
2011 model: £145

Low risk

50, lives in a rural area, no additional riders on his policy, and an annual mileage of 2000. With a garage, five years NCB and an IAM test pass, he's a very attractive bike insurance proposition.

2008 model: £75
2011 model: £81