MCN Fleet: BMW R1200GS Rallye gets protected

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Buying bike accessories that you can’t see somewhat smacks of the emperor’s new clothes – but I can assure you there a) are actually products in these photos, and that b) they work really rather well.

Few things are more disappointing than stone chips and scratches, and if you ride in all weathers on and off-road, then you’re going to end up with plenty of both – so I’ve fitted a complete set of Nippy Normans paint protector film kits.

The 100µ thick film comes pre-cut to the very same shape as the panel you’re fitting it to, meaning no cutting or bodging is needed. Simply make sure the panel is spotless and grease-free, then peel off the film wetting it and the panel with a fine mist of water, then float the film into place. Once you’re happy with its alignment, start forcing all the air and moisture out with the provided applicator tool, then leave it to dry. It’s hard to believe while you’re fitting it, but once in place it becomes all but invisible.

With a life expectancy of 5-7 years of use, your bike will be kept pristine for a very small investment. And after 3000 miels of use, I can confirm that the panels are still immaculate beneath the film, and the films are still invisible at a casual glance. Highly recommended.

Kits fitted:
Beak kit (028804) £22
Tank sides kit (028802) £24
Radiator Panel kit (028805) £22
Tank protector kit (028801) £22