The tyre man cometh

Getting new tyres for the Street Glide has been strangely difficult

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Ever since I first rode the long term Street Glide in the rain, I’ve been pretty keen to get rid of the stock tyres. In the dry, they’re fine, but in the wet they’re pretty poor – quickly spinning up, even when paired with a gentle throttle. The flipside is that the compound used is very hard wearing, so the tyres are capable of big mileages but if you’re the sort of person who does a couple of thousand miles a year, I think you’d be better off swapping them. That is, if you can find any.

The front tyre on the Street Glide is 19” and very low profile, which doesn’t leave you many options outside of the OE Dunlops. There are a few out there (although only a couple are approved fitment) but for me, finding stock has been difficult – particularly the front. I’ve managed to get hold of a set of Metzeler ME-888s, which I’m told improve the handing and wet grip no end, so I’ll be fitting them shortly and will report back.