MCN Fleet: Slow burning love affair with the Honda X-ADV

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It’s an age since I first set eyes on the Honda X-ADV. Like all good love affairs I remember the exact moment in time, the MCN Show in London last year is etched on my mind for eternity.

A three-month wait for delivery, means my first ride’s a mixture of nerves and excitement. Excitement turns to disappointment, the much coveted X-ADV is tall and top heavy. To be honest I think I’ve made a terrible mistake. Two weeks of avoidance follow as I opt for my 15 year-old Honda SH125 rather than ride my shiny new X-ADV.

Something has to change. We (the X-ADV and me) set off for the first of many long weekends away. Bikefest in Kilarney, Ireland beckons, will the Green Isle work it’s magic? A 1000 miles and four days later, I return home a changed woman.

It’s amazing how one long day in the saddle, 350 miles and a 2am arrival home, make me realise there is something special about my quirky machine. What I initially think is a tall riding position is a benefit on longer riding days. After seven hours in the saddle I’m completely free from aches and pains.

It’s the start of a summer (and winter) of love with trips to Paris, Le Touquet, a girlie camping weekend in Wales, Thruxton and daily commutes. 7000 miles is plenty of time to come to terms with the niggles of the quirky scooter-cum-motorbike. One is the DCT gearbox, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea but I find it easy to use. There’s three modes, Sport, Drive and manual. Each has its use and fuel economy is similar in each of the mode. Sport mode suits me best, it holds gears longer and gives a punchier ride.

I’ve just found out the X-ADV is in the European top ten with over 7500 sold, so I’m not the only one who adores this fabulous machine. Long may our love affair continue.