MCN Fleet: A second blown headlight bulb on the Suzuki GSX250R

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In just under 5500 miles of riding, the Suzuki GSX250R’s main headlight bulb has blown twice; once at just over 3000 miles and a second time on my way home yesterday evening, at around 5450 miles.

The first time the problem occurred, the light’s failure was progressive and I watched it get ever dimmer, before it eventually disappeared altogether.

On the second occasion, there was a sudden flash of light from the front end – almost like I’d ridden past a static speed camera – and then the light died suddenly. 

On both occasions, it has decided to pack up in the dark, in the wet, on unlit dual carriageways late at night – forcing me to limp home on high beam, much to the annoyance of any motorists coming the other way.

I initially didn’t report on the problem, as I was convinced it was a one-off. However, now it has happened again in similar conditions, it would appear there is a larger problem.

If anyone has experienced anything similar, then please feel free to send me an email. You can reach me at

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