MCN Fleet: Is the GSX250R the ideal winter commuter?

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After a three week break from riding during the recent spell of sub-zero temperatures, snow and ice, the Suzuki GSX250R has returned as my go-to method of commuting.

In my time away from the saddle, I gave the bike a thorough clean and applied a film of ACF-50 anti-corrosion spray (£14.99 a can from my local bike shop), in order to keep the road salt at bay.

I applied this by spraying it into a paper towel and then rubbing on, to create an even coating and prevent applying too much to certain parts of the bike.


Now back on the road, the GSX250R is proving to be an ideal companion in the winter sludge. The lack of power means there is little risk of the bike spinning up in the poor weather and the decreased average speeds of the overly cautious motorists around me mean the bike is able to easily keep up and stay ahead of the traffic, too.

I have also noticed a recently increased volume of traffic on the roads, as people start travelling across the country to meet their friends and family before Christmas. This has meant an influx of stationary traffic, which has a tendency to build up around every major junction I come to on the A1. This was a nightmare in the car, however the skinny dimensions of the 250 mean I can breeze through the traffic with ease, arriving at work earlier and a lot less stressed. Perfect.

Another notable feature of this bike is the screen. I have previously commented on its impressive ability to shield me from windblast and this now doubles up as a handy grit shield, taking the brunt of the back draft from lorries, which litter you with dirt as you ride past the other way.

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