MCN Fleet: Winter with the Street Triple RS

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Winter hack or garage ornament?


I have been guilty of being a fair weather rider I must admit so it’s time to man up and brave the elements. Chances are most naked sporty numbers are left tucked up under a blanket during the winter months and I’ve been skeptical about using the RS in the recent weather, with its exposed parts and lack of protection from the elements. There’s arguments for retiring the naked RS to the garage, what with dirt and salt being in abundance on most roads waiting to fur up those shiny bits, but from experience some good TLC and elbow grease before and after a ride can prevent the nasty stuff having an affect on the bike.

A 300 mile round trip up the A1 to Derbyshire and back was more than enough time to prove I’m missing out so much fun. Sure, the weather protection is lacking which made the drizzly motorway miles home fatiguing, but that’s a problem even in summer. Handling wise the RS was fantastic even on the greasy Derbyshire lanes with the bike proving smooth and gentle through the bends and the different rider modes offered silky smooth throttle response. The suspension soaked up the bumps and gave great feedback through the bars and seat. It provided bucket loads of fun and the rider aids and ABS provided confidence. Sure it’s perhaps not the most practical for winter riding but it’s definitely not worth hiding it in the garage. A good scrub down and polish the following day had the bike gleaming like new again. The build quality of the RS still impresses me. Not one spec of rust or fur on any part, and it comes up like new every time.

Joe Dick

By Joe Dick

Former MCN Staff Photographer