MCN Fleet: Can you tour comfortably on the XMAX 400?

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From my previous update, you’ll know I can fit three bags full of food under the seat of the XMAX. Now I was going to France for a weekend, could the 33bhp scoot hack going aboard? And be comfortable? I knew I’d need a few clothes after all I was only staying for two nights. In addition I packed four small bottles of water two packs of breakfast bars in case I got “h-angry” (hungry + angry) along the way, a hi-vis jacket, some waterproof trousers and coat and a spare pair of gloves.


The most the XMAX’s under-storage seat had seen up until this point was two full face helmets and on an average, a pair of gloves and a small bag. So having a seat to store stuff in meant two things, I could pack more and be more prepared with extra layers and I could carry an empty backpack (to bring important things home, like cheese and jam home).

The XMAX’s mileage

Another part of comfort is not having to worry about fuelling up every five minutes. The XMAX’s 395cc engine held up at 133 miles to the last bar at best covering mainly motorway and dual carriageway miles. The fuelling process was easy, I didn’t have to fill up much and it was around £11 to fill the tank. Opening the fuel cap on the XMAX is also slightly unusual. Alternatively to using a key to open most bikes’ fuel cap, on the XMAX you turn the knob and it longs open easy. So easy in fact that sometimes you want to lock the steering or open a compartment on the scoot and you accidentally end up knocking open the fuel cap.

Travelling with an advance rider

As well as the ease of getting up to speed and being able to manoeuvre the XMAX around the small French towns of Wimereux and Le Touquet, I found ease as a newer rider to have a companion. MCN’s Office Manager, Alison Silcox, rode her Honda X-ADV along to our neighbouring country. It was also great using Sena communication to help ease my giddy feelings with an advanced rider showing me around and communicating directly through our ear pieces. The scoot was great on the twisty coastal French roads.

I rode in rain, snow and minus degree weather and the Michelin City Grip tyres never failed me. The bike felt secure throughout and I could sit on that seat for hours and hours. My backside didn’t ache once. In comparison to my previous long term test bike, KTM’s 125 Duke, which I could only sit on for two hours at a time before my bum ached.

My one complaint with the XMAX over the last few months and it became even more apparent on my cheese-filled, mussels-eating weekend, was that the side wind makes the scooter feel very unstable. When it’s too windy, the XMAX wobbles unnervingly too much. Saying that, I genuinely loved taking the scoot abroad, it was pokey, fitted all my souvenirs and treats to bring home as well as weekend bits. It’s got exactly the power you need for the motorways and is great for town riding when you want to explore further. I would choose to take the scooter aboard again any day.

And is it cheap? The cost in numbers

  • Hotels: £108.50
  • Parking: £16.05
  • Dinner: £36.74
  • Lunch/Coffee: £18.48
  • Brekkie: £10.59
  • RAC breakdown cover: £20.70
Maria Martin

By Maria Martin

Former MCN Online Editor