Momodesign create first graphene helmet

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Graphene, a material made from a layer of one-atom-thick carbon constructed in a honeycomb pattern has been proposed as the material with which to build a space elevator, but a bit closer to home, helmet manufacturer Momodesign have now put the super-strong material on one of their open face helmets.


100 times stronger than steel, graphene is the strongest known material in the world, but it's also expensive to produce. Because of this the helmet is sprayed with a layer of graphene on top of the standard shell.

Due to its strength graphene is able to distribute the force from impacts much better than standard helmets. It's also incredibly resistant to heat, which helps regulate rider comfort and means impact-resistance isn't affected by hot temperatures.

Momodesign teamed up with the Italian Institute of Technology to create the helmet, which will initially be limited to 3000 helmets at the end of 2016. The helmet is priced at €245 (£195).


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