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Helmets sold for use on the road have to comply with European standards - but there's also the UK SHARP scheme which rates lids according to the results of 32 different tests. Run by the government, SHARP awards stars. One star being the worst and five stars beign the gold standard.

And the good news is there are loads of five star lids on sale on the MCN Shop right now, with prices ranging from as little as £65 to £500 plus.


Here's a selection…


Shoei X-Spirit 3 – from £549.99

The X-Spirit 3 is Shoei's flagship race helmet. Its shape, performance and ventilation have all been developed through testing in MotoGP. The space around the rider's mouth has been enlarged to ease breathing difficulty and the all-new adjustable internal system allows the rider to adjust the angle of the helmet to correspond to the current riding position. The X-Spirit 3 has six air intakes and six exhaust vents, including cheek pad ventilation that has massively improved air ventilation. It also utilises Shoei's EQRS system allowing the cheek pads to be removed easily in the event of a crash.

Shoei Qwest – from £249.99

The Qwest has been designed with touring in mind, so it's comfortable, lightweight and has an aerodynamic shape to help cut windnoise. There's plenty of ventilation and a wide field of vision too.

HJC IS-17 – from £114.99

The HJC IS-17 has a polycarbonate shell that is lightweigh with a comfortable and superior fit. HJC have also worked hard to make sure the vent system channels cool air around your head. The RapidFire visor replacement system allows quick replacement of the visor; which is also Pinlock ready. It also has a three-stage tinted internal sun visor.

Shark Race R Pro – from £269.99

The Shark Race R Pro helmet is Shark's high-end model constructed using carbon/aramid fibres. It’s been designed for racers and with this level of user in mind, Shark Race R Pro shell contains all the essential elements of any great racer's helmet – lightness, stability, comfort and superb aerodynamics.

Shark Race R Pro Carbon - £319.99

The Shark Race R Pro Carbon helmet is a high-end model made from carbon/aramid fibres. The Pro Carbon has been developed in the first place for Sharks top-level racers in MotoGP, WSB and Moto2. 

MT Matrix – from £149.99

The Matrix from MT has been designed with long distance travel in mind. To aid stability and reduce buffeting, a rear spoiler has been incorporated into the shell design. For added security at high speed, the visor features a locking mechanism and is also Pinlock ready. It’s also fitted with an air pump system for a good fit.

MT Revenge – from £64.99

MT Helmets are the biggest helmet brand in Spain. They manufacture a range of full-face, flip up and open face helmets, specializing in quality motorcycle helmets at cheap prices.

AGV Pista GP – from £799.99

The AGV Pista GP is a full carbon fibre helmet tspecifically designed for racing. It was designed, developed and tested by AGV and Valentino Rossi himself with an aim to create a helmet that offers the ultimate protection for racing. The integrated ventilation system provides an improved airflow of over 193% compared to its predecessor the GP-Tech. The addition of the rear spoiler and a smaller frontal section has maximised high-speed aerodynamic performance. The visor has a front micro-lock system that reduces the risk of opening in the event of a crash, it has a 15-degree larger peripheral vision for optimised vision whilst in the tucked position, and the visor mechanism is 71% smaller than its predecessor.

Caberg Tourmax – from £189.99

The Tourmax is the first adventure flip-up helmet from Caberg. It’s modelled on the Caberg Duke helmet, but also has an adventure style peak that automatically moves closer to the visor when you open the chinbar. The Tourmax is dual homologated which means you can legally ride with the chinbar in the open position; this is because the chin bar is locked into the 'open' position. It can be released via the small lever on the left hand side of the helmet. As with most of the Caberg helmet range, the Tourmax has an internal sun visor, anti-scratch Pinlock ready visor, fully removable interior and a multi-piont ventilation system.

Caberg Duke – from £144.99

The Duke is a helmet with additional features and upgrades to its predecessor, the Konda.  he Duke has a dual EC homologation as both a full-face helmet with the flip-up closed and as a 'jet' helmet with the flip-up raised.

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