Alpinestars Supertech gloves RRP £329.99

Published: 12 September 2016

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MotoGP protection people Alpinestars have launched their 2017 collection, including a new range-topping racing glove with a host of new features and functions.

The Supertech mirrors the name for Alpinestars’ top-spec race boot and is designed to deliver the pinnacle of protection for the rider’s precious mitts.

They’re made from a combination of kangaroo hide and goatskin to offer the best blend of protection and feel. But there’s extra protection in the form of new abrasion-resistant sections on the palm and outer hand. The Arshield reinforcements are made from aradmidic fibres and polyamide and sit where the hands are most likely to strike the ground in a spill.

The gloves also feature Alpinestars’ CarbonX fabric, which was developed in car racing and is used to reduce the amount of heat that transfers to the rider’s hands when sliding along the track.

The knuckle protection gets the moniker of DFS (Dynamic Friction Shield) and is
a dual-density guard to resist repeated impacts, with a similar material used for the protective wrap around the glove’s cuff.

There are also plastic sliders on each of the fingers, which are also pre-curved for comfort when gripping the bars – and there’s a bridge piece connecting the third and fourth fingers to support the smallest digit in case of a spill.

The new Supertech gloves are available in four different colour options and sizes from small up to XXXL. They will be arriving in dealers in the coming weeks.

MCN's Consumer Editor Tony Hoare says:

“At £330 these gloves will be out of reach for most, but they are the pinnacle of racing R&D. But as innovations naturally filter down to the more basic gloves we can all look forward to the benefits in the future.” 

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