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Change how you stop with the new Brembo 19RCS Corsa Corta master cylinder

Brake heroes Brembo have released a new radial master cylinder that features a high specification and MotoGP-derived technology.

The 19RCS Corsa Corta allows the rider tailor the bite point of the brake to suit preference and comes with three different responsiveness settings that the user can choose from depending on their riding style and requirements by altering a cam mechanism setting. 


It gives riders the option to choose the braking setting that is best suited to their requirements and will come in really handy for those who might like to use their bikes quite often on the roads and track, or for those who commute a lot in the city, but still want to have a brake that feels good when they go for a Sunday blast through the twisties.

The Normal setting is best for city riding or when braking in poorer conditions where a softer approach might be needed. With the bite point coming in more gradually it is the most user-friendly for casual riding. 

The Sport setting introduces the bite point sooner than the normal mode and is intended for those who want a more dynamic breaking response, but don’t want the on/off nature of a race set-up.

Finally, there is the race setting, which reduces the biting point of the brake even further. Brembo claim to liken it to the response felt by the riders in MotoGP.

The Corsa Corta also, utilises Brembo’s Ratio Click System which allows the rider the option to select the fulcrum-to-piston distance with a choice of either 18 or 20mm giving the rider even more control over the feel of the brakes on their motorcycle.

The 19mm bore of the cylinder means that it is only suitable for bike with a dual brake disc set-up though, meaning that those who are running a smaller capacity machine with a single disc will miss out. 

Price £260 plus VAT


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