Shark announce six new helmets for 2018

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Shark Helmets have announced six new helmets for 2018, and the full collection will be on display at Motorcycle Live, Birmingham, November 18-26.

Those six models are the Skwal 2, Varial, ATV-Dark, Evo-One 2, S-Drak and X-Drak.

The Shark Skwal 2, an update of the Skwal, features a new, slightly more aggresive design, and a new LED system which is more powerful for better visibility in low light. Check out what our Office Manager thinks to the Shark Skwal. The Shark Skwal will be available in 23 different graphic options, and four plain designs. The RRP of the new model ranges from £199.99 to £249.99.


The Evo-One 2 is also, as the 2 suggests, an evolution of a current model. Setting it apart from the Evo-One is a new chin guard locking mechanism for improved ergonomics and flexibility, and a revamped dark chrome finish. Shark say the Evo-One is the best helmet in the modular segment. The price of the new helmet will range from £349.99 to £369.99.

Moving to the off-road sector, the new Varial is Shark's new motocross lid. Made of composite fibre, Shark say the new helmet is easy to maintain and comes in three shell sizes. 

Joining the Varial is the ATV-Drak, a helmet which Shark say is the first helmet in the world designed to meet the specific requirements of ATV users. The ATV-Drak has four optional packs for different conditions featuring a sunshield, mask and internal visor, noise protection and insect protection kit. The Varial starts at £259.99 while the ATV-Drak starts at £159.99.

Shark say the S-Drak and X-Drak are both inspired by neo-retro culture and the S-Drak comes with a carbon skin shell, internal visor, and an 'edgy' mask. The X-Drak is designed more for those who ride scrambler and trail style bikes, and as such features a mask and peak. The S-Drak starts at £299.99, while the X-Drak starts at £239.99.

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