Have you got any bright ideas for high-viz clothing?

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Q. Now I’m commuting in the dark, my other half wants me to wear high-viz. What’s best?
Phillip Brewer, Dorset 

Answered by Tony Hoare, MCN Consumer Editor
There are several things you can do to make yourself more visible, but if it’s riding in the darkness you’re concerned about then your main priority should be light-reflective materials like Scotchlite. Lots of kit comes with stripes of this material, which will light up brightly in the beam of a car headlight, but you can extend the coverage.

Dead simple bibs have good amounts, there are armbands made from the material, or you can buy over-jackets that are dominated by large amounts of Scotchlite to go over both jacket and rucksack. If you want to go the whole hog, consider a jacket from Dutch firm Macna, which has a Night-Eye material so the bulk of the jacket’s shell will display as bright white in a car’s headlight. 

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