New rider: How to pick up your bike

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When you are learning to ride there are two kinds of bikes – one that has been dropped and one that is going to be dropped.

A small tip-off is all par for the course when it comes to gaining experience on two-wheels. We have all been there – a failed U-turn, an unexpected stall, a slightly faster stop than you were expecting, a bit of gravel in the road – there are many factors that can see you part company with your bike. But often the falling off is the least of your worries, the hardest part is getting the bike upright again!

Well fear not, in this short video, BMW Rider Training’s Chief Instructor, Ian Biederman, demonstrates the right, and wrong, way to pick up your bike. However, once you have righted it again, always check the essential items such as brake levers, gear lever etc aren’t damaged – it is far better to discover at the side of the road that something has been bent or is missing than when you need the brakes in an emergency!

Top tips

  • Don’t panic!
  • If possible, put the bike in gear
  • Turn the bars so the wheel is pointing upwards
  • Lift and push the bike upright by either using the bars against the steering lock or by putting your back against the bike
  • If the bike has fallen on its right-hand side, put the sidestand down
  • Carefully check the bike for damage

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Jon Urry

By Jon Urry

MCN contributor, original 916 & R1-owner, human labrador