Tips for easy cleaning

The most important bit of kit I keep in my garage is a can of Mr Sheen wax polish or supermarket equivelant (it’s cheaper!)

Sprayed all over the bike it will get rid of splatted insects, brake dust and even chain grease. Simply spray on, leave for a minute and wipe off.

Not only does it get rid of all the stuff you don’t want, but it also leaves a layer of wax, especially on wheels so you can just wipe brake dust off with a clean cloth next time.

Sprayed onto your hands after a dirty, greasy job in the garage it also works wonders if you rub it in and then wipe it off with a cloth.

When cleaning your helmet, baby wipes are an excellent thing to have in the cupboard as they get rid of flies and the like without being abrasive on the outer shell.

Don’t use on your visor though. The best way to do this is to wet some kitchen towel and leave over the visor for a few minutes. Flies will then simply lift off.

Final recommendation is to buy some Gliptone treatment for your leathers. It’s quite pricey but goes a long way. It conditions the leather and if your new leathers are a tad on the snug side, Gliptone will help to loosen them up whilst feeding them and conditioning them at the same time.

Enjoy and happy cleaning!

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Steve Wade

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By Steve Wade