Get your suspension set up to suit you!

Having ridden motorcycles since the age of three, I thought there was bugger all my mucker Gaffs could tell me about bikes!

But after the obligatory half a gallon of grog on a Friday night, he convinced me to stop being a m**ge bag, and part with forty quid to have my suspension set up professionally! being an engineer, I was convinced that modern bikes come out of the factory set up to almost perfection… Hmmm, I was wrong!

If anything I thought my bike was set up slightly on the stiff side- totally the opposite was the answer from Mr White at Kais in Atherton. Having been fed a brew  and given a tour of the operating theatre (No MRSA in this computer controlled space age workshop), I was fired off to the cafe for the traditional full English.

An hour later the humorous Mr White senior hit me with the comment “try that fatty” – he’s so f***in polite! Night & Day is the only description I can give you…my bike is transformed.

Many thanks to Andy & Cath and all the staff at Kais for a great insight into what’s involved in today’s modern bike suspension, the super friendly banter and for giving me a bike I feel so much more confident with.

Don’t be a m**ge bag, get your bike set up to suit you! I’m in no way whatsoever associated with Kais by the way.

andy deegan

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By andy deegan