Faulty luggage position on Suzuki Bandit GT

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I have just purchased a bandit 1250 GT and when I got it home I found that you could not sit two people on the bike because of the position of the top box.

It sits over the back seat and means there is less room for a passanger which means the driver gets pushed into the tank there is know adjustment for it as it was made just for this bike.

I contacted customer support at suzuki UK and got a reply straight away I was told they cant move it back 60 mm because it would make the bike unstable and there is nothing they will do to help.

I was told I was not the only person with this complaint to contact them they got the same reply.

Maybe if enough people email suzuki UK through there web site they will sit up and notice. The bike is great but the luggage is pointless to me if I cant go two up which is 80 percent of the time.


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