SHARP helmet tests remain a work in progress

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The first round of results from the Safety Helmet Assessment and Rating Program (SHARP) helmet test scheme are on-track to be published during the spring, a spokesman for the Department for Transport (DfT) has told MCN.

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Ratings are due to be delivered on a “large proportion of the UK’s full face helmets,” the spokesman said, adding that tests have been on-going since the scheme was announced in November.

SHARP is designed to offer motorcyclists a simple way of comparing the protection levels offered by crash helmets. The DfT plans to test every road-legal helmet on sale in the UK and issue them with a rating from 1-5 stars.

MCN revealed in December that the SHARP tests would go beyond the current EC22.05 standard by conducting impact tests within a tighter tolerance than the current ECE standard requires (MCN, December 5, 2007).

A representative from one helmet manufacturer told MCN he expects the SHARP tests would eventually lead to tougher EC regulations. “I expect it will lead to the formation of EC22.06,” he said.

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Michael Carroll

By Michael Carroll