How to stop your visor misting this winter

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Good visibility is crucial to staying safe when riding this winter and a big barrier to that is the age old problem of visor misting. As temperatures drop the likelihood of this problem occuring is only going to increase, so read on for a list of the best products out there to prevent visor misting from MCN’s sister title RiDE magazine.

There are a number of options available. Wearing your neck warmer Dick-Turpin-style (pulled up over your nose) can help to deflect your breath from the visor and reduce misting, but its usually not 100% effective.

The following products offer more advanced solutions to the problem. An insert can work wonders but some (like the Pinlock) require your visor to be fitted with the pins. There are also sprays and wipes you can apply that stop the misting from forming on the surface of the visor.

Here’s RiDE magazine’s run down of the top products to stop visor misting:


1- Pinlock
A double skin for your visor; ideal as long as your visor has the necessary pins. If it doesn’t, you’ll have to drill holes… Rating: 15/15.



2- Fog Tech
Re-usable wipes coat the inside of your visor and stop mist from settling on the surface. Also handy for specs. Rating: 14/15.



3- Fog City Hyper Optiks
Self-adhesive double skin for your visor in the same way as the Pinlock but doesn’t require pins. More expensive though. Rating: 14/15.



4- Respro Foggy Mask
Velcro the Respro foggy mask straight to your lid and it directs breath away from the visor. More effective than a porous neck warmer. Rating: 13/15.



5- Bob Heath Fog Demon
Another self-adhesive double skin system from Bob Heath. Also check out the Bob Heath Vee wipe for when riding in rain. Rating: 13/15.


James Keen

By James Keen