Hand Guards for Street Bikes

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I don’t always get MCN but one week recently I did and saw a short press release on the new Acerbis hand guards for street bikes – their model “Dual Road”. I made enquiries in the trade and the quickest response was from AMS Motorcycles, Tewkesbury (sales@ams4ktm.co.uk).

I arranged to buy a pair as soon as they were available. I have now received, fitted and road-tested the guards and am satisfied that they do what’s intended. They obviously can’t entirely prevent your hands becoming frozen, but they do slow down the process considerably.

Coupled with heated grips, winter riding should be a lot less painful. I’m not sure how good they’ll be in the rain, as the blade isn’t very deep, but there should be some improvement at least. In spite of all the bad weather we’ve had, I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test this aspect.

You’ll see from the enclosed photos how simple they are to fit. The one-sided fitting eliminates any concern about the location of the inside edge, so handlebar shape isn’t important. I was a bit concerned about vibration with just one side taking all the load, but it isn’t a problem in practice.

The blades are removable, so the guards could just be used for physical protection. This modular construction may mean that in future, a bigger blade will be available. In the meantime, I’m happy to recommend them as they stand.


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