Bike accessory advice: Fitting different bulbs

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Q. Can I change the 35/35w headlight bulbs in my Yamaha Thunderace to 60/55w? Or will they be too hot for the plastic lenses?

John Paul, e-mail

A. The higher wattage of the 60/55w bulbs could cause problems if you don’t follow these guidelines.

The lenses need to be protected from Ultra violet light so buy recognised brand halogen bulbs like Phillips or Osram.

The cheaper halogen bulbs emit UV which will harden and yellow the lenses in the same way that Suzuki clocks used to suffer 20 years ago.

If you go and do a track day don’t tape up the lenses and leave the lights on, and don’t have them blazing at low speeds on a hot summer’s day. Other than that you should be ok.

Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs