Clothing advice: summer gloves with visor wipes

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Q. All the bugs have started coming out again, so my visor is covered in dead beetles after only ten minutes of riding Can you recommend a pair of summer gloves with something to wipe my visor on? Will they scratch my visor?

A. We wouldn’t recommend wiping flies off your visor with anything while you’re on the go. You’ll end up with a bloody, smeared mess! Your best bet is to carry a V2 visor sponge with you (it’ll easily fit in a pocket).

Because it’s kept under moist storage in its own little bag, there’s always enough dampness to wipe away the carnage from your visor. The problem you’ll find with summer gloves is that they tend not to include a visor-wiping blade ­ that’s the preserve of winter kit, so you can clean the rain off your visor on the go.


Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott