Kit: How to buy winter motorcycle boots

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Think about what sort of riding you'll be doing, and when you¹ll be doing it.

If you'll be commuting throughout the year, there will be days when you rue the purchase of those vented summer race boots!

The theory behind finding all-weather boots that fit are the same as with summer boots.

Try on as many pairs as you can, with your normal riding trousers.

But when you're looking for all-season boots, although protection will still be a key consideration, you should also be looking at weatherproofing.

Look for names like Gore-Tex, which will indicate waterproof qualities. Be especially careful to ensure rain is not likely to get past zips, Velcro flaps or down the top of the boot.

A non-slip sole is something worth keeping an eye out for, as petrol station forecourts get pretty slimy in the winter months, especially when there¹s spilt fuel on the ground.

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Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott