Will a Power Commander and pipe cure Hornet vibes?

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Q. I like my Honda Hornet 900, but I was wondering if a Power Commander and a pipe might cure the vibes a bit?

I don’t mind losing some power as it’s got plenty and I already like the torque that it has.

John Andrews, email

A. Honda set the Hornet up very lean up to a quarter throttle to get through the current noise regulatiions before overfuelling it through the rest of the rev range to take account of possible low octane fuel in various markets.

A pipe won’t make any difference to the vibes, but a Power Commander will address the fuelling and could possibly smooth it out in the process.

Before splashing out on a Power Commander I’d reset the engine in the frame by supporting the motor on a jack, slackening off the engine mounts, then lifting the engine a fraction so that the mounting bolts are in the middle of their holes before retightening them to the correct torque.

Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs