How to cure a ZZR1100 wheel wobble

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Beaconsman: I¹ve been fixing up my ZZR11 on a tight budget this year and I have an issue with the rear wheel.

The bearings are OK, but when assembled, the sprocket and cush drive move quite a lot. A mate had a look and he thinks there is a spacer missing to take up the slack?

zx12rbadass: I had a similar problem with my ZZR600 and found a cheap remedy was to pack the cush drive with slim pieces of perspex until there was no play. Worked a treat.

Kcmc: I think you are missing the internal sprocket hub spacer. This is quite common (but very dangerous) when people do home tyre changing and it falls out and they don’t put it back.

Or they take the wheel out and take it to a tyre fitter and it goes missing then too.

Your bike should have two outside rear wheel spacers and a washer. The flanged spacer should go on the disc side with the washer.

The plain spacer should go on the sprocket side. Your sprocket hub has a spacer which fits snugly half in the rear hub bearing (internally) and its other half should protrude to make contact with the inner surface of the wheel bearing.

If you fit your wheel without this spacer and tighten it to the recommended torque, the nature of your flanged spindle will pull your swing arm out of shape and butt your sprocket hub hard against the wheel hub and destroy the wheel bearings.

Beaconman: I have had a look and I need a left hand wheel spacer and oil seal, and right hand washer.

Gizzabreak: As a footnote ZZR1100s are reknowned for eating cush drives.