Kit Review: Dannisport X2 Racer leathers, £399

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Dannisport X2 Racer leathers, £399

Tester: Samuel Pinney

Miles covered/time: 1000/one month

What’s good? I tested them on the Reclaim Wales protest rally, so I wore them constantly between 7am and 9pm. It was really hot during the day and freezing cold on the frantic ride home but they stood up pretty well.

They are snug and I’ve never felt safer on a bike. It didn’t take long for me to forget I was even wearing them, which I think is a pretty good endorsement.

What’s not? They can be a bit tricky to get off in a hurry, say if you’ve been riding for 50 miles beyond the point at which you’d like to visit the bathroom.


Rating: 4/5

Samuel Pinney

By Samuel Pinney