Tyre advice: 16.5inch wheels for road bikes

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Q. I have been offered a set of 16.5in Dymags for the right money for my GSX-R1000 K5. Getting race tyres is not a problem and I can get treads cut in them.

I thought I heard a rumour about tyre companies making road tyres for 16.5s? If they did it would make the Dymags a lot more appealing Cheesemanpaul, MCN tyre forum
A. 16.5inch wheels on road bikes is just a rumour Paul, and if you use race tyres for road riding, with treads cut in or not, you’ll invalidate your insurance and could get prosecuted too.

The idea of a 16.5 is to give a larger contact patch at higher lean angles, out on the road you’d rarely get heeled over that far. Some supermoto riders have switched to 16.5s, but only for the track. I would stick to 17s for the road.

Less hassle. But if you are doing track days and they really are the right money we would buy them and stick a set of decent slicks on them. Perfect for the track!


Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs