Clothing advice: Choosing a back protector

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Q. I have a Dainese leather jacket with a Backspace G back protector insert.
After reading horror stories about failure to use the right back protector – I am considering upgrading to a full-piece strap on back protector.

Do you think this sort of protector at over £100 extra, would add much more value than the Backspace G insert designed for the Dainese range? Can both be worn at the same time, or must I take the backspace G insert out before strapping a protector directly to my back/body?
Russell Brock, e-mail

A. You need to take it out to use another otherwise you’ll be hunched over like Quasimodo. As far as we are aware, Dainese back protectors are all certified and of the same style. The only difference being the length, which allows long-backed individuals to get a version that fits.

If you are happy with the physical length of your in-built back protector I’d leave it in. If not, it’s time for a longer protector and sell the unwanted one.

Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs