Clothing advice: Jackets for the larger man

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Q. I have been desperately trying to purchase a lightweight Gore Tex-style jacket and trousers. It’s my own fault I know, but I am pretty hefty.

I bought some clothing about three years ago, but can’t get any replacements from usual outlets.

Where can I buy a 5XL jacket that is good quality, but not stupidly expensive? I live in Northamptonshire but I am prepared to go anywhere to get one. You are my last hope.
Richard Milne, Northants

A. There’s A jacket in the Bering range that should do the trick. The Hudson has been designed to fit the more generous-sized rider around the waist without losing a good fit elsewhere.

It comes in Black or black/grey with a Knox CE approved back protector and shoulder and elbow armour. Retail price is #169.99.

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Chris Dabbs

By Chris Dabbs