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There’s three key things to consider when buying waterproofs – they’re completely waterproof (obvious, but there are things to look for), they’ve quick and easy to get on and they’re comfortable.

Completely waterproof

Make sure you buy a set of waterproofs with waterproof zips and make sure the seams are taped to prevent any leaks.  

Also, if they have a carrying bag with them, make sure this is waterproof too because when you’ve finished with the waterproofs on the road you don’t want them getting everything else wet in your rucksack or panniers when you put them away again.

Quick to put on

There’s a variety of different styles, from one-piece, two-piece and racing style latex-looking garments.

All we suggest is go for the easiest option for you to get on. There’s nothing more frustrating than getting soaked through trying to get kit on and off.

One of the secrets to look out for is that the waterproof has a mesh liner in it – this will make it easier to slip them on over the leather when they’re wet. Two-pieces are usually the simplest option. 


Remember you’ve got to wear these over your suit, so get a size that’s big enough.

If it flaps about in the wind it doesn’t matter – it’s better than it restricting your movement because it’s too tight.

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Rob Hull

By Rob Hull