How to repair a puncture

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If you need to repair a puncture at the roadside, there are several methods you can use.

There are preventative sealants out there that are designed to seal off a puncture as soon as it happens.

You squirt them in through the valve when you fit a tyre. When a puncture occurs, a sealing plug forms at the point where air is leaking out.

The problem is you might never know your tyre has been damaged, and it might lose pressure before sealing completely so you could continue to ride with it dangerously low.

Or you can a rubber plug and cement system with CO2 canisters.

These only cost £15-20 and are well worth having in your toolkit. It,s simplicity itself to plg the hole and the CO2 canisters will put enough air in to get you rolling, but you,ll probably need some more as soon as possible.

Finally, there are aerosol cans of tyre repair goo that are easier to use on a dark, windy night, but don¹t let you identify the damage as easily and are an absolute pain to clean up afterwards.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott