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You hands are the most vital parts of your body for riding a bike ­ they control your speed, your upper body balance and are unfortunately the first things to hit the deck in a crash on almost every occasion.

So buying a pair of gloves is probably more important than you think.

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No matter if it¹s winter or summer gloves, getting a pair that fit is essential – go to a dealer and try on as many pairs as you can.
The ideal fit is enough room in the fingers that you can feel the leather between the joins in your fingers and with an open palm you can push the leather or textile against the skin between your index finger and thumb.
But do remember that leather can stretch and new kit is always extremely firm so you can wear them in.
With summer gloves make sure you¹re happy with the knuckle protection in all hand movements.
Clench your fists and open the hands out to make sure you can¹t feel any of the armour rubbing.
And ensure the armour gives enough flex for you to get full movement of your hand and fingers.
Also, with many modern race gloves, there are a lot of different securing options. Make sure you get one you like and can live with ­ if a triple-cuff-closure system seems a bit too fiddly the first time you do it the chances are that it¹ll do your head in by the time it¹s the hundredth time you put them on!
If you can find a pair of gloves with a scaphoid protector, get them ­ it¹s one of the most regular injuries to sustain when you go palm down in a crash.
And the same rules apply for winter gloves.
However ,one thing you should always do when trying winter gloves in a shop is put them on and take them off a few times ­ this way you¹ll work out how good or bad the particular glove is for tangling the thermal liner inside when you get your hands in and out.

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