Tyre advice: I need a tyre for high mileage commuting

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Q. I just took the plunge and bought a Sprint 955 which I’m loving but I need a new rear tyre. The bike is currently fitted with Bridgestone BT014s.

However, I am a very new rider and am mainly doing motorway miles (60 a day) and then London miles (20 a day). I am completely lost about which rear tyre to replace it with.

I am not a kneedown rider by a long stretch and need all the confidence I can get, especially in the wet. Would love lots of mileage too if possible.

I’ve seen the BT021 mentioned but not sure if it’s any good and whether I can mix with a good BT014 front.

Mal, MCN tyre forum

A. The BT014 is a sports tyre and the 021 is a sports touring tyre so I wouldn¹t recommend mixing the two, in which case I’d junk the front or stick it on eBay.

Things have moved on a lot since the 021 first came out and there are some more choices out there.

I’d look at the Dunlop Roadsmarts, Michelin Pilot Road 2 or the Pirelli Angel STs for the sort of riding you’re going to be doing over the next six months.

Marc Abbott

By Marc Abbott